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Hi, I just joined...

I live in southern England and I play guitar!

I've been playing acoustic guitar for about, ooh, seven or eight years now. I've never had lessons, but I think (though I say it myself) I'm not too bad. I'm considering getting some tuition, though, becaus eI just can't master barre chords!

I used to have an ancient nylon-strung jumbo classical guitar that was my uncle's. It has an incredibly wide fingerboard and was so old it pre-dated the current standard spacing for the machine heads (which caused trouble when I needed to get it fixed)! But for my last birthday, almost three months ago, my fantastic boyfriend bought me a new guitar! It's a steel-strung dreadnought-shape acoustic, with a nice manageable narrow fingerboard. It's made by J&D Brothers, who seem to be based in China or somewhere. It looks gorgeous - it's got a buttermilk-yellow top, and the sides and back are the same colour, rather than being darker as with most guitars. There's a nice brown-with-sparkly-flashes scratchplate, and an attractively decorated rosette. Ooooh, it's lovely! It wasn't the highest-priced guitar I tried, but it just sounded so delicious I had to have it.

Said boyfriend just bought himself a new acoustic this past weekend. He went for a Canadian Art & Lutherie dreadnought shape, with a wonderful satin finish. They're made out of Canadian fallen trees, so they're all eco-friendly and stuff. It looks and sounds very special - but I think I like mine better still :)

As for the music I play, it spans various genres. For example, I have just recently got myself obsessed with the song 'The Weakness In Me' which was originally sung by Joan Armatrading. However, I heard Melissa Etheridge cover it when she played in London the other week, and fell for it like anything. So I've nearly cracked that. I play lots of folk music - often Irish stuff - and weird songs from all sorts of artists. I confess to writing the odd filk, as the main venue for my performances is at live roleplaying games of various sorts - characters who play music always have something to do with their hands and a way to get people interested, and *actually playing the music* sometimes garners extra points for coolness value! :)

So, pleased to meet you all. What do you guys do?
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